El Sortidor, a classic in Poble Sec

Back in the day, since the houses didn´t have a refrigerator yet, el Sortidor provided ice to the Poble Sec district. Later on, during the next forty years, the Janiu family served the best anchovies of the city, accompanied by good vermouth.

Because of its trajectory, in the year 2008, the city council gave el Sortidor a plate of recognition for one hundred years of service to the city.

Nowadays el Sortidor still maintains its character; the original modern style doors from 1908, the marble tables and the wooden chairs.

At el Sortidor you can eat tapas, take an appetizer, have lunch or have dinner in an intimate and cosy ambiance.

Plaça del Sortidor, 5 08004 Barcelona
Contacta: +34 636 34 26 11

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